Short Fiction

A number of my short stories have been published online – please see the links below. For more on my debut short story collection Variations (Influx Press, 2021), click here. For stories that have appeared in print-only anthologies, see the Books page.

The Art of Control (PEN International/OutWrite, 2015).

D.C.B. – A Partial Retrospective (Bricks from the kiln #6, 2023).

The Final Sentence (3:AM, 2011).

The Holiday Camp (Litro, 2015).

I’m too sad to tell you about I’m Too Sad to Tell You (3:AM, 2014originally published in The London Magazine, June/July 2008).

Keep Still (Berfrois, 2015).

London – 2015 (3:AM, 2015).

‘Nazimova’ (Necessary Fiction, 2012).

Reflections on Villaplane (Berfrois, 2014).

A Report on the i-Smile Happiness Watch (Berfrois, 2017).

Sertraline Surrealism (Smarginature, 2016 – translated into Italian for Nero).

Surveillance City (Queen Mob’s Teahouse/Berfrois, 2014).

The Unfortunate, or: Watching Dimitar Berbatov (3:AM, 2014).

We Need to Talk [extract] (Wysing Arts Centre, 2020).

Weekend in Brighton (Catapult, 2015).

The Woman in the Portrait (Five Dials issue 33b, 2014).