Gender & Sexuality

My Transgender Journey series for The Guardian, which ran between June 2010 and November 2012, can be found here.

A selection of other articles on LGBTQI+ subjects are below:

In Belgrade (London Review of Books blog, 22 September 2022).
A report from EuroPride in the Serbian capital.

Bad Company (Tribune, 2 September 2022).
An interview with Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller about their Bad Gays podcast and book.

Out and About: Juliet Jacques on Transfabulous (Barbican, 23 February 2022).

Shon Faye’s ‘The Transgender Issue’ is a Comprehensive Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Advocate for the Community (Frieze, 16 September 2021).

Transgender Athletes Do Not Threaten Women’s Sports (Newsweek, 20 October 2020).

Liberals need to stand up for trans rights, before it’s too late (The Guardian, 24 September 2020).

Transphobia is everywhere in Britain (New York Times, 9 March 2020).
On the Labour leadership race and trans issues, and how the British media constantly mainstreams and propagates anti-trans sentiment.

Écriture trans-féminine? (Mal issue 1, autumn 2018).
An essay about gender, sexuality and the possibilities for trans writers.

Fear and loathing in Kyrgyzstan (Open Democracy, 20 September 2018).
An update on the situation for LGBTQI+ people in Kyrgyzstan.

An interview with Esmeray (PEN International, 3 August 2018).
In conversation with Turkish writer and activist Esmeray, about her work, and the situation for LGBTQI+ people in Turkey.

Overcoming trauma and intolerance as an intersex activist (The Washington Post, 24 March 2017).
Review of Hida Viloria’s memoir Born Both: An Intersex Life.

One Afternoon in Bishkek (Dissident Blog, 16 December 2014).
Documenting the situation for LGBTQI+ people in Kyrgyzstan.

An open letter to President Almazbek Atambayev of Kyrgyzstan (hosted by PEN International on 17 October 2014 – click here for the Russian version).

In Bishkek (London Review of Books blog, 8 October 2014).
A report from the PEN International Congress.

Kindness will help Kellie Maloney in her coming out, as it did me (Daily Telegraph, 12 August 2014).

On the ‘dispute’ between trans people and radical feminism (New Statesman, 6 August 2014).

Trans People and Sport: The Stockholm Consensus, ten years on (LEAP Sports blog, 30 May 2014).

An interview with Janet Mock (New Statesman, 16 April 2014).

He to She (Aeon, 15 January 2014).
Discussing the ‘Before and After’ trope in media coverage of transsexual and transgender subjects.

Is enough being done to remove unfair obstacles to transsexual people playing football? (New Statesman, 13 December 2013).

Remembering Our Dead: Global violence against transgender people (Open Democracy, 26 November 2013).

Travels of a transsexual football fan (New Statesman, 12 November 2013).

Chelsea Manning, pronouns and the press (New Statesman, 5 September 2013).

Sport is slowly catching up with transgender realities (The Guardian, 16 April 2013).

Trans People and the Media: Compromise is neither desirable nor possible (New Statesman, 25 March 2013).

Reviewed: Fanny & Stella: The Young Men in Women’s Clothes (New Statesman, 18 March 2013).

Trans People, Pronouns and Language (New Statesman, 16 January 2013).

On The Queer Art of Failure by Judith/Jack Halberstam (New Statesman, 24 August 2012).

Someone is Always Queer: An interview with Penny Arcade (New Statesman, 27 June 2012).

Five trans role models you should know about (The Guardian, 8 June 2012).

Gareth Williams and the prurience of the press (The Guardian, 4 May 2012).

Cross-dressing in Victorian London (TimeOut, 16 February 2012).

The turning of the tide (New Statesman, 13 February 2012).
About trans people’s relationship with the British media, in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry.

Should trans screen roles be played by trans actors? (The Guardian, 14 January 2012).

My Transsexual Summer appraised (TimeOut, 8 December 2011).

My Transsexual Summer: The trouble with television (New Statesman, 18 November 2011).

The Uses of Role Models (New Statesman, 12 November 2011).

Laughing Matters? (New Statesman, 27 June 2011).
About trans people and alternative comedy.

Transsexual People and the Public Eye (New Statesman, 17 June 2011).

Chaz Bono and transgenderism’s rich history (New Statesman, 26 May 2011).

Working with transsexual patients (Student British Medical Journal, 21 December 2010).