Literature, Poetry & Drama


No One Way Works (Tribune, 28 March 2022 – subscribers only).
On a new edition of Diane di Prima’s Revolutionary Letters.

Best Book of 1988: Camera (Granta, 20 December 2021).
On a the novel by Jean-Philippe Toussaint.

Travels in Inner Space (Tribune, 15 December 2021 – subscribers only).
A review of Terminal Boredom by Japanese science fiction author Izumi Suzuki (1949-86).

Must-Read: On childhood, motherhood, love and politics (Schirn, 8 September 2021).
On Suzanna Slack’s Is This It? and The Poor Children.

New Fronts, Old Wars (Tribune, summer 2021 – subscribers only).
About why I wrote Variations.

Notes on Craft | Juliet Jacques (Granta, 13 August 2021).
About my processes in writing Variations.

Torrey Peters and Contemporary Trans Literature (SCHIRN, 17 June 2021).
German version available here.

Oscar Wilde Wasn’t Just a Satirist. He was a Socialist. (Jacobin, 3 April 2021).
On Verso Books’ new anthology, In Praise of Disobedience.

We Can’t All Be Max Bygraves (Tribune issue 9, autumn 2020).
On Trevor Griffiths’ play Comedians (1975).

McKenzie Wark on the Future of Trans Literature (Frieze, 6 April 2020).

Poetic Politics: On Néstor Perlongher (Tribune issue 5, autumn 2019).

The Return of Rafael Alberti (Tribune issue 4, summer 2019).

Gender Genres: On the emergence of transgender literature (Frieze issue 203, May 2019).

Ernst Toller: In Memoriam (Tribune issue 2, winter 2019).

Who gets to be a woman writer? (PEN Transmissions, 17 May 2018).

Rediscovering Britain’s avant-garde (New Humanist, 21 March 2018).

On JT LeRoy (Canal issue 1, 2017 – print-only).

Fundamental Uncertainties: On Three by Ann Quin (Music & Literature no. 7, 2016 – print-only).

Top ten transgender books (The Guardian, 21 October 2015).

Baddies in Books: Dostoyevsky’s Underground Man (The Guardian, 10 March 2015).

Hélène Cixous: The Medusa gets the last laugh (New Statesman, 13 May 2014).

The Spectacle of Disintegration: An interview with McKenzie Wark (New Statesman, 16 May 2013).

An interview with Lars Iyer (New Statesman, 5 February 2013).

Parodying Eva Perón: on Copi (New Statesman, 17 April 2012).

The Connecting Door: on Rayner Heppenstall (3:AM, 28 July 2011).

On Paul Ableman (The Guardian, 8 December 2006).


On childhood, motherhood, love and politics (Schirn, 19 August 2021).
A review of The Poor Children by Suzanna Slack.

LOTE by Shola von Reinhold (Tribune issue 8, summer 2020 – print-only).

Plastic Emotions by Shiromi Pinto (New Humanist, 22 January 2020).

Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl by Andrea Lawlor (The White Review, 5 July 2019).

The House of Impossible Beauties by Joseph Cassara (The Guardian, 24 May 2018).

After Kathy Acker by Chris Kraus (Frieze, 28 August 2017).

Night Games by Anna Krien (New Statesman, 22 January 2015).

Wittgenstein Jr. by Lars Iyer (New Statesman, 25 September 2014).

Lacan: In Spite of Everything by Élisabeth Roudinesco (New Statesman, 17 July 2014).

Tristano by Nanni Balestrini (New Statesman, 17 February 2014).

Re: Quin by Robert Buckeye (New Statesman, 21 December 2013).

From Morning to Midnight by Georg Kaiser – National Theatre production (New Statesman, 10 December 2013).

The Currency of Paper by Alex Kovacs (New Statesman, 18 September 2013).

Things I Don’t Want to Know by Deborah Levy (New Statesman, 9 July 2013).

Asunder by Chloe Aridjis (New Statesman, 17 June 2013).

Heroines by Kate Zambreno (New Statesman, 12 March 2013).

Well Done God! Selected Prose & Drama by B. S. Johnson (New Statesman, 25 February 2013).

Reticence by Jean-Philippe Toussaint (New Statesman, 5 July 2012).