I have made three short films, including one with artist Ker Wallwork, and co-written or acted in several others. Details are below.


You Will Be Free (2017)
Using Cookie Mueller’s words about death meaning that ‘you simply lose your body’ and that, ultimately, ‘you will be free’ as a starting point, and composed mostly of archive footage and still images, You Will Be Free reflects on embodiment, the afterlife and political responses to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Narrated by Anna-Louise Plowman with music by Venn Rain, and commissioned by Studio Voltaire (London). Colour, 16mm, 10:15 mins.

You can watch the film here, via the Studio Voltaire website.

Selected screenings/exhibitions
AlbumArte, Rome
BFI Flare LGBT+ Film Festival 2018, London (official selection)
Buenos Tiempos International, Buenos Aires
Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva – Chrysalis: The Butterfly Dream exhibition
EMST, Athens – Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) exhibition
Hot Wheels Projects, Athens
Leeds Queer Film Festival (LGBT History Month event)
Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg – Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) exhibition
Studio Voltaire, London
Tallinn Kunstihoone – Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) exhibition
United Queer Film Festival, Berlin
WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels (curated by Chris Kraus)
Wysing Art Centre, Cambridge – More of an avalanche exhibition

You Will Be Free (Juliet Jacques) - still

Revivification: Art, activism and politics in Ukraine (2018)
Since the Euromaidan revolution of 2014, Ukrainian politics has largely been contested between pro-European Union neoliberals and far-right nationalists, united only by their hatred of the Soviet past. Revivification looks at how contemporary artists in Ukraine, inspired by radical ideals as well as queer and feminist theory, are trying to work in this context, looking back at the socialist past and trying to build a more utopian future. Directed and narrated by Juliet Jacques, shot and edited by Oksana Kazmina, and commissioned by CHASE (Consortium for the Arts and Humanities in the South-East) and the Izolyatsia platform for cultural initiatives in Kyiv. Colour, digital, 28 mins. Watch the film here via UbuWeb.

Revivification - image 1

Digital presentation

Aphorisms on Self-Care (2020)
A reading of my article Aphorisms on Self-Care (published in issue 9 of Arts of the Working Class and the MA Bibliothèque anthology ON CARE), illustrated by various photos that I have taken, in the UK and elsewhere. Commissioned by The Mycological Twist, and available to watch online here. (NB: I don’t count this amongst my other film work as it is a short digital presentation, but I make it available here nonetheless.) Colour, digital, 13:36.



Approach/Withdraw (2016)
Written and directed with artist Ker Wallwork, Approach/Withdraw explores how public understandings of oestrogen and sex hormones affect the sense of self and relationships of those who feel at odds with their assigned gender. Commissioned by the BFI and King’s College London as part of their Queering Love, Queering Hormones programme, in collaboration with Narrated by Rebecca Root. Colour, 16mm, 9:50.

You can watch the film here, and read a piece on it by Teresa Vieira (in Portuguese) here.

Selected screenings/exhibitions
Athens International Film and Video Festival 2018
BFI Flare LGBT+ Film Festival 2017, London
East End Film Festival 2017, London
EFF Process analogue film festival 2018, Riga, Latvia
Fringe! Queer Film Festival 2018, London
Serile Filumlui Gay Film Festival 2017, Romania
Synthetic/Becoming 2022, Brno
Trans Pride Film Night 2017, Brighton & Bexhill-on-Sea
Transitional States: Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science exhibition – Barcelona, Bologna, Lincoln & London



NADA: Act III – The Exhibition (Jasmina Cibic, 2017)
Commissioned for Jasmina Cibic’s solo exhibition at Kunstmuseen Krefeld and filmed at Hous Lange and Hous Esters, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe between 1927-30. The script is assembled from archival transcripts, political discussions, reports and personal letters surrounding Germany’s presentations at world Expositions in 1929, 1937 and 1958 and their legacy, as well as German Expressionist plays.


Fabulous Squirt (Oksana Kazmina, 2019) (voice-over)

Female Human Animal (Josh Appignanesi, 2017)

Hoard Equivalents (Edmund Cook, 2017)

Our Friends Electric (Anab Jain, 2017)