Latest news

9 May
My next book, Monaco, is now available to pre-order from Toothgrinder Press.

I reviewed the Harun Farucki exhibition at the Cooper Gallery, Dundee for The Quietus.

I have several events coming up – in conversation with Lynne Tillman in Bristol tonight, reading in Norwich tomorrow, speaking at the Bath Festival on 21 May and at the Hastings Queer Book Festival on 10 June. For more information, please see the Events page.

I will be judging this year’s Michael O’Pray Prize, run by Film and Video Umbrella, for new writing on innovation and experimentation in writing about artists’ moving image. The submission deadline is 3 July – more information here.

I am also judging the Royal Society of Literature’s V. S. Pritchett Short Story Prize for 2024. The submission deadline is 1 September – more information here.

23 March
I wrote about Romanian Surrealist painter Victor Brauner and the retrospective in Timisoara for the European Capital of Culture 2023 for Apollo.

I also wrote for TANK‘s education issue, about the prospect of abolishing private schools in the UK.

My review of the Decolonial Ecologies exhibition at Riga Art Space is in the latest issue of Art Monthly (print-only).

I have a short story in the latest issue of Bricks from the kiln, alongside work by Jennifer Hodgson, Emily LaBarge, Paul Purgas and others.

My review of Carles Vinas’ book Football in the Land of the Soviets is now on the Tribune website (subscribers-only).

I contributed to ‘Structurally F-cked‘, Industria’s report on pay and treatment of artists by public sector institutions. I wrotre on Suite (212), alongside contributions from Lola Olufemi and Jack Ky Tan.

I will be in conversation with Boy Parts author Eliza Clark for a Royal Society of Literature online event on 4 April. I will also be discussing writing and freedom of expression at the Bath Festival 2023. More information on the Events page.

I chose my top ten films of all-time for Sight & Sound‘s Critics poll in 2022.

I posed for Susanne du Toit’s series of paintings of contemporary women writers – see the painting and read her account of our interactions here.

1 March
My reviews of Beatrice Gibson’s ‘Dream Gossip‘ exhibition at Ordet (Milan) for Art Agenda and ‘People Make Television‘ at Raven Row (London) for Frieze are now online.

I wrote for Criterion about my first encounter with the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative and the influence it had on me as a writer, filmmaker and avant-garde film fan.

You can watch my conversation with Huw Lemmey and Daryl Qilin Yam about LGBTQ+ writing here.

A recording of my conversation with Sarah Pucill about her film Magic Mirror (2023) can be found here.

I will be discussing my work at Generator Projects in Dundee, presenting some short films at the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva on 28 March, and speaking about my writing at Newcastle University on 30 March. More information on the Events page.

31 January 2023
My next book, an illustrated novella entitled Monaco, will be published by Toothgrinder Press in the spring. More information here.

I reviewed Laura Poitras’ documentary about artist Nan Goldin, All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, for Apollo.

My conversation with art writer Jennifer Higgie at Mimosa House in London in November can now be seen on YouTube.

You will be able to watch my conversation with writers Huw Lemmey and Daryl Qilin Yam on 28 February, via the National Centre for Writing – more information here. I will also be talking to fellow Influx Press author Eliza Clark about my Variations and her Boy Parts with the Royal Society of Literature on 4 April – more information here.

12 December 2022
My essay on Italian photographer Lisetta Carmi is in Contrasto Books’ reissue of Carmi’s I Travestiti, in Italian, alongside pieces by publisher Giovanni Battista Martini and psychiatrist Vittorio Lingardi. I was also interviewed about Lisetta Carmi’s work (in Italian).

I wrote a few words on Simon Munnery’s TV series Attention Scum (2001) for a Frieze feature on 100 years of the BBC, alongside contributions from Huw Lemmey, Tom Morton and filmmaker John Smith.

I wrote about the difficulties of boycotting the 2022 World Cup for Arts of the Working Class.

I was on Novara Media’s Pro Revolution Soccer podcast, talking about the World Cup and grass roots football, and RTE’s Culture File Debate talking about similar subjects. I was also on the Art Monthly radio programme on Resonance 104.4fm, discussing Manifesta 14, and The Popular Show, talking about Variations, Front Lines and how the British left handles trans issues – more information on the Audio/Visual page.

My film You Will Be Free (2017) will be showing as part of the Modern Love exhibition at EMST in Athens. It will also be part of the Chrysalis exhibition at the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva, which opens on 24 January 2023.

I contributed to The White Review‘s Books of the Year feature.

8 November 2022
My review of Anne Imhof’s exhibition at Sprüth Magers in London and my interview with filmmaker John Smith are up at Frieze, and my article on the Horror Show exhibition at Somerset House is at Art Review.

I was on Podcasting is Praxis recently to discuss the state of the UK and its democratic institutions – you can listen to the episode here.

Approach/Withdraw (2016), which I co-directed with Ker Wallwork, is screening at Galerie FAVU in Brno, the Czech Republic, on 6 December.

I will be on a panel at Studio Voltaire in London on 16 November, presenting my short film You Will Be Free (2017) and in conversation with writer/critic So Mayer and filmmaker Campbell X. I will also be speaking about Lisetta Carmi’s I Travestiti, being reissued by Contrasto Books, at the Più libri più liberi book fair in Rome on 8 December. For more information, see the Events page.

28 October 2022
My review of Manifesta 14, hosted in Pristina, Kosovo, is in the latest issue of Art Monthly.

My conversation about Front Lines with Owen Jones at the London Review Bookshop in July is now online.

You can read the speech I gave at PEN International’s recent event for Daphne Caruana Galizia (the Maltese journalist who was assassinated in 2017) here. The entire event is here.

I will be in conversation with writer and former Frieze editor Jennifer Higgie at Mimosa House in London on 13 November, and on a panel about the World Cup in Oxford on 18 November. For more information, see the Events page.

Pink News interviewed me for a piece about Oscar Wilde’s legacy, along with poet Andrew McMillan and actor Eliot Page.

25 September 2022
I wrote a short piece about my love of Jean-Luc Godard’s films for Art Review, and a report from EuroPride 2022 in Belgrade for the London Review of Books blog.

Pink News interviewed me about Front Lines and transphobia in British media.

I will be speaking at an event for assassinated Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in London on 9 October, as well as hosting director John Smith for a programme of films at Close-Up in London on 20 October. More information, as ever, on the Events page.

I recently signed for Clapton Community FC, scoring a hat-trick on my debut for the Women’s Development team. My player profile is here.

2 September 2022
I reviewed Lou Lou Sainsbury’s ‘Earth is a Deadname‘ exhibition (Gasworks, London) and The Baroness at Mimosa House for Frieze, and wrote about the political uses of nostagia for the (British) 1970s for Novara. I also looked back at Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s film Zvenigora (1928) for Red Pepper.

I interviewed Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller about their Bad Gays podcast and book for Tribune.

The new issue of Paper Visual Art focuses on football, and includes my essay on Corneliu Porumboiu’s film The Second Game (2014). Issue 14 also features June Caldwell, Simon Critchley, Orit Gat, Aleksandar Hemon, Marcela Mora y Araujo and others, and can be pre-ordered here.

My review of Kuba Szreder’s An ABC of the Projectariat is now available on Tribune‘s website, for subscribers only.

I was interviewed about Front Lines for Gay Times.

The Magic Mirror event with Sarah Pucill at London’s Lexi Cinema will now take place on 12 September. In addition, I will be running another Fiction and Memoir Writing workshop at the Bishopsgate Institute on 12 October, and chairing the Radical Bookshops panel at Quiet Revolutions at the Barbican Library on 26 November – for more details, see the Events page.

18 July 2022
Front Lines is published on Thursday – there will be a launch event at the London Review Bookshop with Owen Jones on Wednesday, and a conversation with Juno Roche at Waterstones in Glasgow on 29 September. More talks will be announced – for further information, see the Events page.

I reviewed the Haunted Realism exhibition at the Gagosian in Mayfair for Burlington Contemporary, and wrote about Art UK’s catalogue of British public sculpture for Apollo.

Jonathan Alexander interviewed me about my writing, especially in regard to sexuality, for the LA Review of Books.

Tomorrow’s planned film screening with Sarah Pucill at the Lexi Cinema has been postponed due to the extreme heat – a new date will be announced soon.

9 June 2022
Apologies for the lack of updates – I have been focusing on teaching and more long-form work, about which I hope to have more news soon. In the meantime, a reminder that Cipher Press will publish Front Lines on 21 July 2022, and I hope to announce some launch events shortly.

More writing will be published in time – for now, I have a short review of the Tremblings exhibition at the Nouveau Musée de Monaco in the current issue of Art Review, and of Sylvie Fleury’s retrospective at the Pinocoteca Agnelli in Turin in the latest Art Monthly.

I will be doing several events in June, either discussing my own writing, as well as books by Huw Lemmey & Ben Miller and Joanna Walsh. For more information, see the Events page.

I recently made my international football debut for Surrey Women, in a 4-0 win over the Afghanistan Women’s Development team. You can read a report here and watch highlights here.

24 February 2022
I wrote about the Transfabulous festival (London, 2006-2008) for the Barbican’s exhibition about the Bishopsgate Institute’s LGBT+ archive.

I have two events lined up this week – tonight with Reba Maybury at Camden Arts Centre (London), and tomorrow, online, for the Great Exhibition Road festival. More details on the Events page.

Trans: A Memoir (2015) was included on Good Housekeeping‘s list of 100 books to read by women.

I spoke to The Anfield Wrap ahead of Norwich City’s two trips to Anfield.

4 January 2022
I will be publishing a new book, Front Lines: Trans Journalism 2007-2021, this summer with Cipher Press. As the title suggests, it is an anthology, with some previously published work, some unpublished, print-only or paywalled, and a new introduction.

I also have a screenplay, A Typical Day, in the Sleeper anthology from Rosies Disobedient Press, alongside CA Conrad, Hussein Mitha, Rebecca Tamás and others.

My long essay looking back on our Culture for Labour letter at the 2019 General Election was published in the New Socialist. You can also watch the ‘Culture in the Culture War’ panel I did at The World Transformed in 2021 with the New Socialist‘s Tom Williams, as well as Zahra Bei, Dawn Butler MP and Owen Hatherley here.

My article on the ‘Best Book of 1988’ – Camera by Jean-Philippe Toussaint – is online at Granta. I also have a piece on Japanese science fiction author Izumi Suzuki in Tribune (for subscribers only).

I had a print-only article about LGBT people and sport in the Winter 2021-22 edition of The Voice, published by the Communication Workers’ Union.

I appeared on the Ten Thousand Posts podcast to discuss the connections between the Very British Problems account, the #FBPE movement and the breakdown of liberal Britain.

I contributed to The White Review‘s Books of the Year for 2021, alongside Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Katherine Angel, Gerald Murnane, Irenosen Okojie, Preti Taneja, Kate Zambreno and others. I also chipped in to Three Month Fever’s reflections on 2021, with Louise Benson, Andrew Key, Ed Luker, Vanessa Peterson, Hannah Proctor and others.

I have decided to stop doing Suite (212) for a variety of reasons, outlined here. Thanks to everyone who hosted, appeared on, supported or listened to the show during its four-year run.

7 October 2021
I have several talks coming up: about hybrid writing for Burley Fisher Day in London on 16 October; at Lancaster University on 28 October; for the Richmond Literary Festival on 5 November; with Alison Rumfitt and others for Fringe! festival in London on 10 November; and with Iphgenia Baal at Blackwell’s in Manchester on 23 November. For more information, see the Events page.

My interview with Owen Hatherley about his anthology Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances (Verso) is now available as a London Review Bookshop podcast.

You Will Be Free (2017) is part of the Modern Love exhibition, opening at the IMPAKT Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands, on 3 November.

TANK magazine reviewed this year’s Wysing Polyphonic festival, with a focus on my reading of ‘Aphorisms on Self-Care’.

25 September 2021
I have an article about the gentrification of Dalston in issue 221 of Frieze – you can read it online here.

I also have a review of Wyn Grant’s book Political Football: Regulation, Globalization and the Market in Political Quarterly (subscribers only).

The Quietus interviewed me about Variations.

I’ve been added to the panel for the Acid Football session at The World Transformed on 26 September – for more information, see the Events page.

16 September 2021
I reviewed Shon Faye’s book, The Transgender Issue, for Frieze.

I also have essays in two new books: Incantation, Wendy, an anthology about composer Wendy Carlos, edited by Frances Scott; and Disgrace, an anthology about right-wing feminism published to accompany an exhibition by Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan. For more information, see the Books page.

I have a piece about Variations in the summer 2021 issue of Tribune magazine (currently print-only).

I will be speaking at Burley Fisher’s ‘BFDay21’ event in Haggerston on 16 October, in conversation with Mona Arshi and Thomas Bunstead, and at a launch for the Harun Farocki Institute’s anthology Pause. Fervour. Reflections on a Pandemic. For more information, see the Events page.

I will be one of the judges for this year’s Independent Media Awards. The deadline for applications is 7 October 2021 – more information is here.

I have a short text in Adam Sach‘s exhibition, Conservatives Will Eat You, at Pauline Perplexe in Paris, along with writings by Francesca Blomfield, Huw Lemmey and Seth Wheeler.

1 September 2021
I reviewed Suzanna Slack’s new book The Poor Children for Schirn.

I am doing several events this September, starting with this year’s Wysing Polyphonic Festival in Cambridge on the 4th, and then a creative writing workshop (7th) and a discussion of film criticism in London (13th), a launch event for a book about composer Wendy Carlos in London (10th) and for Variations in Bristol (also 13th). I will also be speaking at The World Transformed on 27 September – for more information, please see the Events page.

I appeared on the Politics Theory Other podcast to discuss Variations. There was also a review in Frieze by So Mayer.

My Aphorisms on Self-Care were re-published in The Institute for Endotic Research’s new Reader. Also, my short story ‘I’m too sad to tell you about I’m Too Sad to Tell You’ was re-printed in issue two of The Current Thing.

14 August 2021
I contributed to Granta‘s Notes on Craft series, writing about my processes for Variations.

You can catch up with my conversation about Variations with Sinan Kose here. The book has been reviewed for Club des Femmes, Elephant and The Scotsman. I have also done podcast/video interviews with Ash Sarkar for Novara Media and Huw Lemmey for Instagram Live.

I wrote a tribute to my late friend, the writer and journalist Dawn Foster, for Arts of the Working Class.

I will be speaking about Variations at Books on the Hill in St Albans on 15 August, Tallinn Kunstihoone in Estonia on 28 August, and at the Polari LGBT Literary Salon at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London on 24 September – more details on the Events page.

Manuela Pacella wrote about my work for Flash Art (in Italian).

5 July 2021
I will be presenting a new text at a V&A Dundee online panel on Wednesday, with Leslie Kern, Shamiso Oneka and Sorcha Pringle. For more details, see the Events page.

The London Review Bookshop published an extract from ‘A Wo/Man of No Importance’, the second story in Variations – read it here. I have also done several radio programmes and podcasts relating to Variations, with Burley Fisher (hosted by So Mayer), Culture Sex Relationships (with Justin Hancock), Little Atoms (Neil Denny) and Out in South London (Sophia Blackwell). All are listed on the book’s page on this site.

I also did two podcasts with artist Oriana Fox, on her Multiple O’s show, talking about Variations, my film You Will Be Free (2017) and my work more widely. You can listen here.

I wrote a profile of German artist Philipp Gufler, who is currently in residence at the Delfina Foundation in London. I also published a short piece on the Curzon blog about the representation of trans women in film.

I did an online masterclass about LGBT+ storytelling for Just Like Us, for School Diversity Week.

17 June 2021
My new short story collection, Variations, is published today – if you would like to order it directly from Influx Press, click here. I also spoke to Kathy Caton about the book on her BBC Radio Surrey/Sussex show Out with Kathy, and it was reviewed in The Observer last weekend.

VICE have published an extract from ‘The Forgotten Stars of The White Swan’, the sixth story in Variations, set in a drag bar in late 1960s/early 1970s Liverpool. Read it here.

There will be a launch event for Variations at Grow in Tottenham on 6 July, as well as one for the MAINSTREAM anthology published by Inkandescent, which includes my short story ‘A Review of A Return‘, online on 1 July. I will also be speaking at V&A Dundee’s Art Night event on 7 July, with Leslie Kern and others. For more details, see the Events page.

Also published today is The Queer Bible anthology, which includes my essay on Pier Paolo Pasolini (and will also be available as an audiobook). For more information, click here.

In the first of a new, regular column for German art publication SCHIRN, I wrote about Torrey Peters and contemporary trans/non-binary literature – the German translation is here.

My text ‘The Digital Classroom and the Digital Studio’ is included in the Harun Farocki Institut’s new anthology Pause. Fervour. Reflections on a Pandemic, alongside pieces by Oreet Ashery, David Dibosa, Helene Kazan, Joel McKim, Hana Noorali & Lynton Talbot, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Jelena Stojković, Isobel Wohl, Andrea Luka Zimmermann and others.

To celebrate the publication of the Liberated Film Club anthology, the publisher (Tenement Press) have put my entry, ‘Eat Your Pineapple‘, online – it’s a transcript of a game I played with cinema attendees in summer 2019.

I reviewed the Eileen Agar retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery for Frieze.

I was on the Trashfuture podcast, talking about Variations, SoftBank, a Quillette article about anime turning kids trans and more.

I chose a few Author Picks for Pride for the Foyles bookshop blog.

Teresa Vieira wrote a short essay, in Portuguese, about the film I directed with Ker Wallwork, Approach/Withdraw (2016).

3 June 2021
I have an essay about trans people and the British media in the 2010s in the new Penguin anthology, We Can Do Better Than This, edited by Amelia Abraham and published today. For more information, see the Books page.

The publication of my short story collection, Variations (Influx Press), has been put back to 17 June. My first interview about the book, for Suite (212) with guest host Tom Overton, can be heard here.

I have written a new piece of fiction, ‘A Quiet Afternoon’, for the Pride Takeover programme of Canary Wharf’s Short Story Stations initiative. Other authors included are Kirsty Logan and Okechukwu Nzelu. More information here.

19 May 2021
I will be speaking tonight at the UCU rally to defend the arts, along with UCU general secretary Jo Grady, author Michael Rosen, musician Lowkey and others. More information on the Events page.

I wrote for Frieze about the 2021 Turner Prize nominees, and what they tell us about the relationship between art and politics in the UK at this time.

My review of Brian Eno’s reissued and expanded diary from 1995, A Year with Swollen Appendices, is in the spring 2021 issue of Tribune.

I will be in conversation with Owen Hatherley about his new book on 22 June; and appearing at the Wysing Polyphonic festival in September. Again, more details on the Events page.

My recent conversation with Sam Byers about his new novel, Come Join Our Disease, is now online.

My reading of my short story ‘Corridors of Power’ featured on Mark Leckey’s show on NTS yesterday.

30 April 2021
I wrote about the European Super League, and Jeremy Corbyn’s inclusion of a football charter in Labour’s 2019 election manifesto, for Jacobin.

My long essay on the new Adam Curtis series, Can’t Get You Out of My Head, is now online at The White Review.

I have a profile of Berlin-based artist Yishay Garbasz in the May edition of Art Monthly (print-only).

I have written a new introduction for Man Enough to be a Woman, the autobiography of punk singer Jayne County, which will be published by Serpent’s Tail on 20 May.

I will be in conversation with Jules Joanne Gleeson and Elle O’Rourke, co-editors of Pluto Press’ new Transgender Marxism anthology, online on 24 May. For more information, see the Events page.

I read my short story ‘Corridors of Power’, published in Influx Press’ Unreliable Guide to London (2016), for The State of It, a digital album that also features Jeremy Deller, Sheena Patel, Gareth Spencer and others.

The Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) exhibition, curated by Katerina Gregos and including my short film You Will Be Free (2017) moves to the Tallinn Art Hall, opening on 12 June.

7 April 2021
I wrote for Jacobin about Oscar Wilde’s radical socialism (translated into Turkish here). I also have a piece in the April issue of ArtReview about Austrian artist/filmmaker Maria Lassnig.

I was on the Reel Politik podcast, talking about Sir Keir Starmer QC’s first year as Labour leader.

CNN featured Trans: A Memoir on their list of six books for International Transgender Day of Visibility.

I was part of the nominations team for Studio Voltaire’s new studio programme, run with the Loewe Foundation.

28 March 2021
The Bishopsgate Institute have opened an archive of my work, including published and unpublished writing, print and digital material, academic papers, letters, photographs and other ephemera. More information is here.

My piece on Deimantas Narkevičius’ film The Role of a Lifetime (2003) is online at Elephant magazine.

I will be doing a residency at Wysing Arts Centre in the autumn, working on a screenplay – more details here.

I was in conversation with Huw Lemmey about Suite (212) and his podcast, Bad Gays, in the New Brave World anthology, published online by Unbound Philanthropy.

I appeared on The Popular Show podcast, talking about anti-trans and anti-socialist sentiment in British media, what’s wrong with comedy, policies, hedonism, Suite (212) and more. The first part is free to all; the second is for Patreon subscribers only, with a short extract here. I was also on Politics Theory Other, discussing the new Adam Curtis series with Owen Hatherley and Alberto Toscano – a full-length version for subscribers is here.

The Media and Misogyny panel from the Media Democracy festival, on which I appeared, can be found here.

19 February 2021
I wrote for Tank about how debates about “cancel culture” are a red herring, and that artists need to organise against government attacks on universities and the BBC, as well as cuts to arts funding and institutions.

I co-hosted the British Library’s Unifinished Business podcast, to tie in with their exhibition. In ‘Trans Through Time’, Polly Russell and I talk to activists Christine Burns and Kuchenga, and academic Dr Alison Oram. You can listen here.

I also appeared on the We Don’t Talk About the Weather podcast, discussing songs about Covid-19, and Repeater Radio’s Time Out of Joint, talking about the life and career of Diego Maradona.

I have an essay on Pier Paolo Pasolini in the forthcoming Queer Bible anthology, to be published on 10 June 2021. Other contributors include Amelia Abraham, Munroe Bergdorf, Mykki Blanco, Elton John, Paris Lees, Freddy McConnell, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Matthew Todd.

I featured on BBC Football Focus this weekend, talking about the uses of LGBT+ Supporters’ Groups with fans of Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Dulwich Hamlet and Norwich City.

I am appearing at the Media Democracy festival on 16 March at 1pm, for a conversation about Media and Misogyny. I will also be in conversation with Sam Byers about his new novel, Come Join Our Disease, for Housmans Bookshop on 7 April. For more information, see the Events page.

You can pre-order Inkandescent’s anthology MAINSTREAM, featuring my short story ‘A Review of A Return’ as well as work by Neil Bartlett, Kit de Waal, Keith Jarrett, Neil McKenna, Paul McVeigh and others here.

My Tribune article on Trevor Griffiths’ play Comedians is now online.

25 January 2021
I wrote for Frieze about the New York-based radical film collective Videofreex, and their films of US protest movements in the early 1970s.

I have an essay called ‘One Afternoon in Pripyat’ in Dodo Ink’s new Trauma anthology, alongside works by Marina Benjamin, Rachel Genn, David Lynch, Rowena Macdonald, Monique Roffey, Lee Rourke, Tamim Sadikali, Emma Jane Unsworth, Saskia Vogel and others. For more information, see the Books section.

I was on BBC Radio Four’s Front Row, talking about cultural depictions of the HIV/AIDS crisis, including works by Derek Jarman and Rosa von Praunheim. Listen to the show here. I was also on Soul Music in December, discussing Talking Heads’ 1980 single Once in a Lifetime.

I will be in conversation with Torrey Peters about her new novel Detransition, Baby (Serpent’s Tail) in an online launch with Blackwell’s on 11 March. For more details, see the Events page.

I reached the final of Christmas University Challenge with the University of Manchester alumni. You can watch the semi-final here and the final here.


16 December 2020
I will be speaking tomorrow on a Momentum/The World Transformed Zoom call, ‘What Even is Transphobia?’ Other panellists include Chay Brown, Shon Faye and Lola Olufemi – further details and registration on the Events page.

I will be appearing on Christmas University Challenge this year, representing the University of Manchester with Adrian Edmondson, Justin Edwards and David Nott. Our episode airs on BBC2 on Tuesday 22 December at 7.30pm.

I have an article on Trevor Griffiths’ 1975 play Comedians in the latest issue of Tribune.

This month’s Suite (212), in which I discussed the cultural impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the UK and US with James Butler and Sarah Schulman, is available here.

I showed Approach/Withdraw (2016, co-directed with Ker Wallwork) at a Zoom event to launch So Mayer’s new book A Nazi Word for a Nazi Thing. The recording is now online, also featuring Mayer, Ray Filar, Keith Jarrett, Timothy Smith, Isabel Waidner and Campbell X.

You can also watch the stream I did with Sinan Kose, Mic Wright and others about the appalling state of British journalism here.

I spoke to the Arts & Humanities Council about my experience of funded PhD study.

30 November 2020
My review of Carles Viñas & Natxo Parra’s book on German football club St. Pauli is now up at Jacobin (and here in Spanish translation).

As the Modern Love exhibition is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Museum für Neue Kunst in Freiburg is showing You Will Be Free (2017) online this week.

I will be discussing the state of the British media with Sinan Kose, Tom Usher, Mic Wright and others on Sinan’s Twitch stream on Fridy 4 December at 7pm.

5 November 2020
The Wysing Arts Centre have presented an extract from my work-in-progress play, provisionally entitled We Need to Talk, on their site.

The online art journal Liquid is currently hosting my short film You Will Be Free (2017) – watch it here.

My film Revivification: Art, activism and politics in Ukraine (2018) can now be watched at UbuWeb.

You can also watch the recording of my recent event at the University of Dundee, hosted by Maria Fusco, here.

Tribune published an extract from my Suite (212) interview with Jeremy Corbyn, about the arts policies developed under his Labour leadership, and his personal relationship with culture.

20 October 2020
I had a piece in Frieze about the legacy of the BBC’s Play for Today series (1970-84), and what it tells us about Conservative attitudes to culture.

I wrote for Newsweek about how trans athletes are not a threat to women’s sports.

On Thursday (22 October), the British Film Institute will screen Even Solomon (1979) from the Play for Today series with my pre-recorded introduction – tickets are available here. At the same time, I will be discussing my work for an online event with the University of Dundee – more information and tickets here, or via the Events page.

Approach/Withdraw (2016, directed with Ker Wallwork) screens at So Mayer’s online book launch on 5 November. More details here, and at the Events page.

12 October 2020
I wrote for Tribune about Rishi Sunak’s suggestion that artists should retrain amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ongoing Tory assault on the arts.

I interviewed Jeremy Corbyn for Suite (212), talking about his interest in the arts and how it informed his politics, during his time as Labour leader and throughout his career.

I made a series of podcasts with Studio Voltaire and Gendered Intelligence about life for young trans and non-binary people in 2020, talking about lockdown, politics, the media and the future.

The recording of the Art Monthly event I did in July about art criticism and the pandemic is now online.

25 September 2020
I wrote for the Guardian about the assault on trans rights, and the complicity of centrist politicians and publications within it.

I reviewed Little Girl, the new film by Sébastien Lifshitz, for Sight & Sound.

My ‘Aphorisms on Self-Care’ have been republished in the ON CARE anthology edited by Rebecca Jagoe and Sharon Kivland.

I reviewed Shola von Reinhold’s novel LOTE for the new issue of Tribune – the piece is currently print-only.

Tonight at 7pm (BST), I will be appearing on Sinan Kose’s stream to discuss the dismal state of British comedy, with Trevor Bastard and others.

11 September 2020
I am writing a blog about going to non-League football matches due to the Covid-19 restrictions – it’s here.

I was interviewed for a Vice feature about the need for art schools to become more radical.

2 September 2020
My next book, a collection of short stories entitled Variations, will be published by Influx Press in June 2021. More details on the Influx site, and the Books page of this one.

My review of Sam Feder’s documentary Disclosure (2020), about the history of trans representation in US film and television, is published in this month’s Sight & Sound (currently print-only).

My short story, The Woman in the Portrait, will be republished in Transcribed: An Anthology of Trans Writing (Polari Print) along with works by Travis Alabanza, CN Lester, and younger trans and non-binary authors. There is a digital launch event on 24 September – more details here.

My short film You Will Be Free (2017) forms part of the Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) exhibition that opens at the Museum für Neue Kunst in Freiburg on 3 October, in co-operation with Tallinna Kunstihoone and IMPAKT, Utrecht. Other artists include Gabriel Abrantes, Marijke de Roover, Mahmoud Khaled, Maria Mavropoulou and Margaret Salmon.

I appeared on the Trashfuture podcast to talk about how to tackle transphobia in the British media, amongst other things. The episode is subscriber-only but a preview is here.

My conversation with author Deborah Levy at UEA’s New Writing festival in April 2016 can now be watched online.

I spoke to Chris Sharratt for a Frieze article about the planned redundancies at Tate Enterprises, and signed an open letter about the same issue in Tribune.

7 August 2020
My piece about watching football in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis is up at the Somerset House blog.

I wrote for Frieze about the removal and reinstallation of two concrete murals by Pablo Picasso and Carl Nesjar in Oslo, and how this changes their meaning, with references to other public works by Eduardo Paolozzi and Borko Lazeski.

My short story, The Woman in the Portrait, will be re-published (with a brief introduction) in a new feminist anthology entitled This is How We Come Back Stronger, co-edited by Eleanor Dryden and published by And Other Stories (UK) and The Feminist Press (US). Other featured authors include Amelia Abraham, Yomi Adegoke, Fatima Bhutto, Stella Duffy, Fox Fisher, Francesca Martinez, Kuchenga Shenje and Michelle Tea.

31 July 2020
I have published a two-part essay about British politics, media and the Covid-19 crisis, both via the Suite (212) blog. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

Red Pepper have posted my article about how British satirists and stand-up comedians struggled to understand Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

ARC magazine, published by the Royal College of Art’s Writing students, have posted a previously unpublished piece from 2014, about Marina Abramović‘s 512 exhibition.

I appeared on Divya Sharma’s podcast, ARTticulate.

I have curated a programme for Somerset House’s Transmissions online series of artists’ moving image works, which will be broadcast in September – more details here.

I will be on Sinan Kose’s live stream on Friday 7 August at 7pm, discussing next steps for the British left with Kose, Josie Sparrow (New Socialist), Jack Frayne-Reid (Reel Politik) and others.

13 July 2020
I have a text in the catalogue for the British Library’s new exhibition Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights. For more information, see the Books section.

I was on the Order of Unmanageable Risks podcast, talking to Max Haiven and Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou about austerity and precarity, young people and the Labour Party before and after the 2019 General Election, trans rights and more.

The conversation I had about English author Ann Quin (1936-73) with Jennifer Hodgson and Deborah Levy at the London Review Bookshop in January 2018 is now available as a podcast.

I was interviewed for a new Australian cultural/feminism magazine, Worms.

26 June 2020
I wrote an article for the Harun Farocki Institute about the move to digital teaching during the Covid-19 crisis, in the context of the recent UCU strikes and ongoing neoliberalism.

I will be speaking in an online programme of events hosted by the Paul Mellon Centre, in collaboration with Chris McCormack of Art Monthly. My panel is on 9 July, 12-1.30pm BST, with with Khairani Barokka, David Dibosa, Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz and Rehana Zaman. I will also be reading for the Royal College of Art’s ARC magazine launch on the same day, and talking to Harold Offeh and Tai Shani as part of the RCA’s On the Contemporary discussion – more details on the Events page.

The recording of my recent conversation with CN Lester about my Transgender Journey series is now online. The recording of my reading and Q&A at the SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis’ Transgender and Psychoanalysis conference in March 2017 has also appeared online.

You can also now watch the panel I chaired at the Royal College of Art’s ‘AUTO-‘ conference in May 2019, with writers Mira Mattar, Rosanna McLaughlin and Maija Timonen.

I have contributed an essay on trans people and the British media to an anthology edited by Amelia Abraham for Vintage Books, entitled We Can Do Better Than This. Other contributors include Amrou Al-Kadhi, Mykki Blanco, Shon Faye and Owen Jones.

14 June 2020
My new short film, Aphorisms on Self-Care (2020), based on my piece for Arts of the Working Class (issue 9), will screen as part of The Mycological Twist’s MycoTV strand on Tuesday (16 June).

I will be in conversation with writer, musician and artist CN Lester this week, in a talk to commemorate ten years since my Transgender Journey series began in The Guardian, and discuss what’s changed between trans people and the UK media since. The talk is hosted by Studio Voltaire and the Media Democracy festival – for more information, please see the Events page.

I reviewed Paul B. Preciado’s anthology, An Apartment on Uranus, for the latest issue of Tribune – the article will be online soon.

I interviewed Canadian-Korean artist Zadie Xa for the Suite (212) Sessions.

5 June 2020
I appeared on Novara Media’s Tysky Sour programme on YouTube, discussing how the UK media cover trans issues, ten years after my Transgender Journey series in The Guardian.

I published a review of Performa’s Bodybuilding exhibition for Frieze.

I was interviewed about my work, and its political and aesthetic influences, by The Exploding Addendix.

28 May 2020
My account of the 2019 General Election, In the Intense Now, has been published at the Repeater Books blog.

I wrote about The Thick of It for a Quietus feature on the highlights of BBC Four since its inception in 2002. Other contributors include Jeremy Allen, Elizabeth Aubrey, Tariq Goddard and Stewart Smith.

The Suite (212) Sessions are continuing – recently I have spoken to artists Jeremy Deller and Abbas Zahedi, performance artist Travis Alabanza, filmmakers Deimantas Narkevičius and John Smith, writer Nathalie Olah and comedian Mark Thomas. The full playlist is here.

1 May 2020
I wrote about The Locked Room, documenting a controversial experiment on the Sculpture course at Saint Martin’s School of Art, London in the late 1960s, for Frieze.

TANK Magazine interviewed me about Suite (212). The Sessions are continuing – I have recently put out conversations with writer Joanna Walsh, and artist Abbas Zahedi.

I recorded two short texts, ‘I’m too sad to tell you about I’m Too Sad to Tell You’ (2008) and ‘Sertraline Surrealism’ (2016) for Resonance 104.4fm’s 18th birthday celebrations. Listen to them here.

I made a Spotify playlist of political music for Arts of the Working Class.

15 April 2020
I interviewed author McKenzie Wark about her new book Reverse Cowgirl and trans/non-binary literature for Frieze.

I have recorded seven interviews with contemporary artists and writers for Suite (212), in a free-to-access series called The Suite (212) Sessions. These include Turner Prize co-winner Tai Shani, authors Owen Hatherley, Lars Iyer and McKenzie Wark, and artists Jasmina Cibic, Ilona Sagar and Erica Scourti. The playlist is here.

I wrote about five of my favourite films related to sexuality and desire for Mal journal.

I recorded myself reading my 2008 short story ‘I’m too sad to tell you about I’m Too Sad to Tell You’ for Comma Press.

9 March 2020
I wrote an article for the New York Times about transphobia in the Labour Party and the British media, and signed a letter to The Guardian about their coverage of trans issues.

I appeared on the Reel Politik podcast to talk about the 2019 General Election, and what might happen next for the British left. There was also some extra material on their Patreon page.

I am bringing back Suite (212) as a podcast, paid for by subscriptions – I wrote about this on our Patreon page.

* Update *
All planned public speaking engagements have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

23 February 2020
I appeared on two episodes of the Media Democracy podcast, talking about how the UK media has treated trans and non-binary people over the last decade. I will be discussing the same subject at the Media Democracy festival in London on 14 March – this features a variety of speakers, including Jeremy Corbyn.

I am reading at the Swedenborg Society in London on 23 February as part of a literary salon hosted by Chloe Aridjis, and then at the Horse Hospital in London on 24 February in support of the UCU strike. More details on the Events page.

24 January 2020
I wrote about how women associated with the Surrealist movement (de)constructed gender for Schirn, and reviewed Shiromi Pinto’s novel Plastic Emotions (2019) for the New Humanist.

I will be interviewing Tai Shani at the Royal College of Art’s Writing/Performance conference on 30 January, appearing at the Media Democracy Festival on 14 March and will be in conversation about women’s memoir and auto-fiction at the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival on 29 March.

My interview with Montez Press Radio, where I discussed my short fiction and film work, is now online.


30 December 2019
I appeared on the Bad Gays podcast, discussing the life of Colonel Victor Barker with Huw Lemmey.

Dazed chose Trans: A Memoir as one of their 18 books that defined the 2010s.

I chose my favourite films of 2019 for Sight & Sound‘s annual round-up.

19 December 2019
I reviewed this year’s Screen City Biennial in Stavanger for ArtReview.

Ahead of the 2019 General Election, I co-wrote and signed the Culture for Labour letter, published at Tribune.

I appeared on Frieze magazine’s Bow Down podcast with former editor Jennifer Higgie, talking about Claude Cahun.

I have a print-only article in issue 9 of Arts of the Working Class, entitled ‘Aphorisms on Self-Care’.

I will be discussing Alex Niven’s new book New Model Island with the author at Housman’s in London on 22 January 2020. More details on the Events page.

I nominated Ann Quin’s Berg (1964) for Pages of Cheshire Street’s Alternative Canon.

22 November 2019
I interviewed Patrick Staff about their Serpentine exhibition for Frieze, and wrote about what’s at stake for the arts in this year’s UK General Election for Tribune.

The second of the two Queer Films screenings I’ve curated is at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London tomorrow. For more details, see the Events page.

21 October 2019
My article about Lisetta Carmi for Frieze Masters is now online, as is my piece on Nam June Paik for ArtReview.

You can listen to my recent conversation with Michelle Tea about her new book, Against Memoir, here.

10 October 2019
I wrote about Momentum’s festival, The World Transformed, and Laura Grace Ford’s Savage Messiah for Frieze.

I have an piece in the latest issue of Tribune about Argentine-Brazilian sociologist, critic and poet Néstor Perlongher. (The full article is for subscribers only.) I also have an article in the October 2019 issue of ArtReview about Korean-American artist Nam June Paik (print-only).

27 September 2019
I wrote about this year’s Turner Prize exhibition for Frieze.

Recently, I have also reviewed the BFI’s Early Women Filmmakers 1911-1940 Blu-ray box set, and an exhibition of women involved with the CoBrA art movement for Frieze.

I will be reading at Somerset House Studios’ AGM on 4 October and the Extinction Rebellion event at Trafalgar Square in London on 11 October. More details on the Events page.

16 September 2019
I reviewed Hannah Jane Ewens’ new book Fangirls: Scenes from Modern Music Culture for Frieze. I also have an article on Italian photographer Lisetta Carmi in this year’s edition of Frieze Masters.

I will be in conversation with US writer Michelle Tea about her new essay collection Against Memoir at the London Review Bookshop on 8 October. More details on the Events page.

Jasmina Cibic’s new film The Gift (2019), which I co-wrote, will have its premiere at the Steirischer Herbst festival in Graz on 19 September.

14 August 2019
Val McDermid chose me as one of ten British LGBTQI+ authors to be part of an International Literary Showcase. You can watch our conversation at the recent launch event at the Edinburgh Book Festival here.

I reviewed the Whitechapel Gallery’s ‘Queer Spaces: London, 1980-Today’ exhibition for Frieze.

I will be teaching a Queer Fiction course at City Lit in London from September until December 2019. More details here.

I will be in conversation with author, activist and musician CN Lester at The Coast Is Queer festival in Brighton on 13 September, discussing Lester’s book Trans Like Me. More details at the Events page.

Artist-writers Manca Bajec and Isobel Wohl interviewed me about the theme of this year’s Venice Biennale for MAP magazine.

My Tribune article about poet Rafael Alberti and the Spanish Civil War is here.

I appeared on the Trashfuture podcast recently, talking about Amazon and bad journalism. The episode is for subscribers only, but a preview is here.

8 July 2019
My review of Andrea Lawlor’s genre/gender-busting novel Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl has been published by The White Review.

This Wednesday, I am hosting a conversation with Niven Govinden and Wayne Holloway about their new novels (This Brutal House and Bindlestiff) at Housmans Radical Bookshop in London. I will also be hosting the Liberated Film Club at Close-Up Film Centre, London on 18 July. More details on the Events page.

14 June 2019
I wrote a profile of Canadian-Korean artist Zadie Xa for Canadian Art magazine, and had a short review of the Hayward Gallery’s Kiss My Genders exhibition in Frieze.

Joana Ramiro interviewed me about my journalistic career for her Red Hacks programme, hosted by Politics Theory Other.

6 June 2019
I am speaking at Southampton Transformed on Saturday, and giving an Alternative Graduation Lecture at The Art School in Glasgow on 13 June. Please see the Events page for more information.

I have an article in issue 6 of Arts of the Working Class about the paucity of artistic responses to Brexit. More information here.

Sadly, we have decided to stop making Suite (212) for Resonance 104.4fm, due to the huge demands it placed on our time. The archive from our two-year run is here.

Cristina Maza interviewed me as part of a Newsweek feature on Chernobyl tourism.

On a personal note – I recently passed my PhD in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Sussex.

3 May 2019
I will be chairing a panel at the Royal College of Art’s AUTO- conference on 24 May, talking to Rosanna McLaughlin, Mira Mattar and Maija Timonen about auto-fiction. More details at the Events page.

My interview with Russian-American artist Yevgeniy Fiks is online at Frieze. I also have a piece in the May issue of Frieze about developments in transgender fiction.

My review of João Moreira Salles’ documentary In the Intense Now (2017) is in the Spring 2019 issue of Tribune.

You Will Be Free (2017) will screen at Fabrica in Brighton on 27 May, before Daisy Asquith’s Queerama (2019), as part of their Visionary Women strand. More information and tickets here. It is also screening on 15 June as part of the United Queer Festival’s Whole event in Berlin – more details here.

I appeared on The Anfield Wrap to talk about Norwich City’s recent promotion to the Premier League.

I have recently hosted episodes of Suite (212) about Book Works’ Semina books series (with Stewart Home, Lizzie Homersham and Bridget Penney) and Huw Lemmey’s book Red Tory: My Corbyn Chemsex Hell. The archive is here.

11 April 2019
I have recently published two pieces on the Frieze website: a review of a DVD retrospective of Vivian Ostrovsky’s films; and a review of the experimental shorts programme at the BFI Flare festival, In Place of the Real.

For the last couple of months, I have been working with the Oscar Wilde Temple Artists’ Group of young LGBTQI+ artists and writers to produce a zine, Rarely Pure and Never Simple, that will launch at Studio Voltaire in London on 18 April. For more details, see the Events page.

I interviewed Brian Eno for Suite (212) – listen to the programme here.

21 March 2019
I wrote about the fascist attack on Izolyatsia’s Armed and Dangerous exhibition, and the political situation in Ukraine, for Frieze.

I will be reading at the launch of Red Tory: My Corbyn Chemsex Hell by Spitzenprodukte (Huw Lemmey) at Studio Voltaire, London on 25 April. For more details, see the Events page.

20 March 2019
I reviewed an exhibition, Anatomy of Political Melancholy at the Athens Conservatoire, for Frieze.

My documentary Revivification: Art, activism and politics in Ukraine (2018) has its UK premiere at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London on 27 March. Cinematographer and co-editor Oksana Kazmina will join me for a discussion, and screen her film Fabulous Squirt (2019), for which I recorded an English-language voice-over. Further details on the Events page.

I have a text in the new Berfrois anthology, Berfrois the Book, published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe. Other contributors include Melissa Benn, Andrea Cohen, Janice Lee, Legacy Russell, Laurie Stone, Elias Tezapsidis and Eley Williams.

I interviewed Russian-American artist Yevgeniy Fiks for Suite (212).

The panel I chaired at the Media Democracy festival on podcasting and alternative media is now online, via Reel Politik’s SoundCloud.

6 March 2019
I published an article at the New Socialist, about the crisis of centrist politics.

Trans: A Memoir featured in an Independent piece about the best books to read for International Women’s Day.

My recent conversation with Chloe Aridjis about her new novel Sea Monsters can be listened to on the London Review of Books podcast.

Suite (212) is continuing on Resonance 104.4fm – I have recently presented episodes on Pier Paolo Pasolini, Jonas Mekas, George Orwell, the cultural reaction to the Spanish Civil War and art, censorship and resistance in Erdoğan’s Turkey. The archive is here.

28 February 2019
I published a piece on Talk Talk singer/songwriter Mark Hollis (1955-2019) for Frieze.

My article on Belgian artist/writer Sophie Podolski (1953-74) is up at Dazed.

I was on the new Comma Press podcast, talking about my short story ‘Never Going Underground’ (in Comma’s Protest anthology) and the protests against Clause 28, with Ra Page, Em Temple-Malt and Louise Wallwein.

My short films will screen at the Rdeče Zore (Red Dawns) festival in Ljubljana, which takes place from 6-10 March. See the website for more information.

Trans: A Memoir was featured in The Guardian‘s top ten books on coming out, written by novelist Kate Davies.

11 February 2019
My conversation with Joe Kennedy about Authentocrats, originally planned for this Wednesday (13th) has been cancelled due to unforeseen personal circumstances. A new date will be announced shortly.

I have a short piece in the 200th issue of Frieze about the School of Theory and Activism in Bishkek (STAB)’s film Queer in Space: Kollontai Commune Archive.

I will be in conversation with artist Yevgeniy Fiks for the launch of his Mother Tongue exhibition at Pushkin House in London, along with Dan Healey and Sarah Wilson. More details on the Events page.

4 February 2019
I have three events coming up in London: in conversation with Chloe Aridjis about her novel Sea Monsters at the London Review Bookshop on 7 February; with Joe Kennedy on his book Authentocrats at Housman’s on 13 February; and a tour of the Edward Burne-Jones exhibition at Tate Britain on 15 February. Please see the Events page for more information.

Two of my pieces for the relaunched Tribune are now online – on Italian theorist/activist Mario Mieli, and German Expressionist playwright/poet and Bavarian Soviet Republic leader Ernst Toller.

You Will Be Free screens as part of the ‘Be My Valentine’ event at the British School in Rome on 14 February – more details are here.

I will be speaking at the Media Democracy festival in London on 16 March, discussing the new wave of left-wing podcasts with Riley Quinn (Trashfuture) and Jack Frayne-Reid (Reel Politik). Other speakers include Grace Blakeley, Dawn Foster, Dalia Gebrial, Owen Jones, Clive Lewis, Tom Mills, Ash Sarkar and Matt Zarb-Cousin. More information and tickets here.

You can watch a video of me reading a new short story, ‘A Wo/Man of No Importance’ at Studio Voltaire’s Oscar Wilde Temple here.


30 October 2018
I have an essay called ‘Écriture trans-féminine?’ in Mal, a new journal of sexuality and erotics. I will be reading at the launch event at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London on 13 November, with Anne Boyer, Hannah Sullivan and Saskia Vogel – for more details, see the Events page.

I have a text in the publication accompanying Erica Scourti’s Chief Complaint exhibition at ALMANAC. Other texts featured are by Mira Mattar and Holly Pester.

I will be introducing Rosa von Praunheim’s City of Lost Souls at the Castle Cinema, Hackney on 21 November. More details on the Events page.

I have presented several episodes of Suite (212), which is now weekly on Resonance 104.4fm. Recent editions have covered Peter Watkins, John Calder, BIll Morrison, Leonora Carrington, and art and society in Kyrgyzstan.

26 September 2018
Josh Appignanesi’s film Female Human Animal (2018), in which I appear, is on limited release before screening on MUBI. It is showing at Curzon Soho on 3 October, FACT Cinema (Liverpool) on 6 October, Curzon Bloomsbury on 7 October and the Rio Cinema in Dalston on 9 October, where I will be speaking. More information here.

You Will Be Free (2017) will screen in the Wimmin exhibition with works by Henrietta Armstrong, Louise Bourgeois, Michelle Enright, Ute Essig, Mars Gomes, Caro Halford and Kirsty Harris, at 12 Venn Street, London, SW4 0AT on 6-7 October, 11am-6pm. More information here.

20 September 2018
I interviewed Christian Marclay about his video art work The Clock (2010) for Frieze.

I will be a regular contributor to the relaunched socialist magazine Tribune – my first article is about Mario Mieli’s Towards a Gay Communism, originally published in Italy as Elements of a Homosexual Critique in 1977.

I have an article at Open Democracy about the current state of LGBTQI rights in Kyrgyzstan.

I interviewed Turkish writer/activist Esmeray about LGBTQI+ politics in Turkey for PEN International.

Suite (212) has returned to Resonance 104.4fm – so far, I have interviewed Israeli dissident filmmaker Avi Mograbi about his documentary work on the Israel/Palestine conflict, and spoken to Mexican novelist Chloe Aridjis about her personal and creative relationship with Surrealist artist/author Leonora Carrington. Find Series 2 on Soundcloud here.

The short film that I co-wrote and co-directed with Ker Wallwork, Approach/Withdraw (2016), will play at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona from 4-28 October 2018, as part of the Transitional States exhibition.

You Will Be Free (2017) is playing online as part of the Buenos Tiempos International film festival.

15 July 2018
You Will Be Free (2017) is available to watch on NOWNESS, as part of their Radically Queer season.

I had an article about LGBT people and football published by the New York Times. I was also interviewed by Harry Thorne for a Frieze article about the relationship between art and football.

I have spent this summer as an artist in residence at the Izolyatsia platform for cultural initiatives in Kyiv, where I have been working on a documentary called Revivification: Art, activism and politics in Ukraine. The Tinyletters I have written during my residency can be found here.

I interviewed French filmmaker Sébastien Lifshitz about his film Wild Side (2004).

Verso Books ran a blog featuring the début episode of Suite (212) Extra, where I interviewed writer/curator Paul Clinton about his Forbidden to Forbid exhibition on queer radicalism in France after May 1968. You can catch up with every episode of Suite (212) here.

25 May 2018
My review of Joseph Cassara’s debut novel The House of Impossible Beauties appeared in The Guardian.

PEN International asked me to write about ‘Who gets to be a woman writer?

ArtReview magazine published my article on art and politics in Istanbul in their April edition.

‘Sertraline Surrealism’ was recently translated into Italian for NERO magazine, by Manuela Pacella. You can watch highlights from my reading and performance at AlbumArte here.

24 March 2018
My New Humanist article on Ann Quin and Britain’s post-war literary avant-garde is now online. I also contributed to this Quietus group piece about Quin, with Stuart Evers, Stewart Home, China Miéville, Lara Pawson, Lee Rourke and Isabel Waidner.

You Will Be Free screens at the BFI Flare (LGBT) Film Festival on 29 & 30 March. More details can be found here.

The catalogue for the Transitional States exhibition, in which Approach/Withdraw is screening, can be downloaded here.

I will read my short story, ‘The Woman in the Portrait’, at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on Monday 26 March, in an event with Kyrgyz authors Mohira Suyarkulova and Georgy Mamedov. Details here.

I will be speaking/performing at AlbumArte in Rome on 26 April, with curator Manuela Pacella and journalist Daniele Cassandro. See the Events page for details.

I was interviewed about Suite (212) for the New Socialist.

I appeared on two episodes of the Reel Politik podcast, discussing liberal journalism with hosts Jack Frayne-Reid and Laura Jolyon Tidd, and fellow guest Huw Lemmey. The first part is here, and the second here.

13 February 2018
I wrote a blog post for Comma Press about my contribution to their Protest anthology, ‘Never Going Underground’, for LGBT History Month.

I will introduce You Will Be Free (2017) at a screening at WIELS in Brussels on 7 March, to tie in with their Sophie Podolski exhibition. The event also includes works by Julie Becker, Moyra Davey, Chris Kraus, Karolina Lavergne, Ruth Novaczek and Jackie Wang.

8 February 2018
I had a piece in The Guardian last week, looking at the history of trans actors in feature films, prompted by A Fantastic Woman.

My interview with Sebastián Lelio was published in this month’s (March 2018) edition of Sight & Sound.

You Will Be Free will screen at an LGBT History Month event organised by the Leeds Queer Film Festival, alongside works by Jake Graf, Paul Rowley, Megan Rossman and Ed Webb-Ingall. For more information, click here.

I will be interviewing French filmmaker Sébastien Lifshitz about his film Wild Side (2004) at the Regent Street Cinema, London on 24 April. See the Events page for details.

This Machine Builds Nations, an exhibition by Slovenian artist Jasmina Cibic, opens at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead) tomorrow. It includes NADA III: The Exhibition, for which Jasmina and I co-wrote the screenplay.

31 January 2018
I will be in conversation with Chilean director Sebastián Lelio about his film A Fantastic Woman (2017) at Curzon Bloomsbury this Friday. More information here.

I will be part of the International Jury for the ‘Love & Change‘ section of the 17th !f International Film Festival in Istanbul next month, along with poet Karin Karakaşlı and actor Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı.

This month on Suite (212), I spoke to Jonathan Coe and Jennifer Hodgson about Britain’s fertile post-war ‘experimental’ literature. Listen again here.

11 January 2018
My short film, You Will Be Free, will screen as part of the Wysing Arts Centre’s more of an avalanche exhibition (11 February-8 April), alongside works by Jesse Darling, Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Isaac Julien, Zinzi Minott, Harold Offeh, The Newsreel Collective, Raju Rage, Liv Wynter and others. More details on their website.

Approach/Withdraw (2016) – a collaboration with Ker Wallwork – will be part of the Transitional States exhibition, in London and Lincoln, Barcelona and Bologna, throughout 2018. More details here.


19 December 2017
I chose my top five films of 2017 for Sight & Sound.

My conversation with Brian Eno, Anab Jain, Liv Wynter and Jinan Younis for the Superflux ‘Futures of Power’ series can be watched here.

2 December 2017
Two new events have been announced: one at Somerset House with Brian Eno, Liv Wynter and Jinan Younis, chaired by Anab Jain; the other at the London Review Bookshop on Ann Quin. For more details, click here.

My short story, ‘The Holiday Camp’, will be published in Liberating the Canon, an anthology edited by Isabel Waidner and issued via Dostoyevsky Wannabe Press. Other authors include Mojisola Adebayo, Jay Bernard, S.J. Fowler, Sara Jaffe, Roz Kaveney, Mira Mattar, Nat Raha, Timothy Thornton, Isabel Waidner, Joanna Walsh and Eley Williams.

My recent conversation with Simon Critchley about football is available as a podcast.

A reminder that every edition of my radio show Suite (212), broadcast on Resonance 104.4fm, can be found here.

11 November 2017
I have a short text in a new book, To My Trans Sisters, edited by Charlie Craggs.

I am speaking at Caravansérail in Shoreditch tonight, reading with Daniela Cascella to launch her new book, Singed (Equus Press). More details on the Events page.

6 September 2017
I reviewed Chris Kraus’ After Kathy Acker for Frieze magazine.

I will be speaking at the Internazionale festival in Ferrara, Italy, which takes place between 29 September-1 October. The website is here; the full programme goes online in mid-September.

I will also be speaking at two events at the Studio Voltaire gallery in south London, held as part of their Putti’s Pudding exhibition, as well as a conversation with Simon Critchley at the London Review Bookshop in November – please see the Events page for more information.

24 July 2017
The pilot episode of my Resonance 104.4fm show, Suite (212) – which looks at the arts in their social, political, cultural and historical contexts – aired last Wednesday. My discussion with Fatema Ahmed and Daniela Cascella can be heard here, with a regular series planned for the autumn.

I will be in conversation with Chris Kraus about her new book, After Kathy Acker, at the London Review Bookshop on 25 September. More details on the Events page.

I am delivering a keynote paper, entitled ‘What’s in a Name? Auto-fiction, Anonymity and Authorship’ at the Anonymity conference at Newcastle University (13-15 September). More information here.

I have a short text in the first Liberated Film Club anthology (Book 1), alongside writings by John Akomfrah, Shezad Dawood, Tony Grisoni, Shama Khanna, Chris Petit, Ben Rivers, Andrea Luka Zimmermann and others. More information here.

12 July 2017
I wrote last week’s Dispatches column for Frieze, reporting on the cultural and political climate in London after the recent General Election.

I have a paper entitled Forms of Resistance: Uses of Memoir, Theory, and Fiction in Trans Life Writing in the latest edition of Life Writing (Routledge). More information here.

19 June 2017
My short story, ‘Never Going Underground’, has been included in Comma Press’ new anthology, Protest: Stories of Resistance, which will be published on 6 July. Other authors include Sandra Alland, Kit de Waal, Stuart Evers, Courttia Newland, Holly Pester and Alexei Sayle.

I recently published a response to the General Election results at the Repeater Books blog, talking about Mark Fisher, John McDonnell, neoliberalism and #grime4corbyn.

I will be speaking at this weekend’s Feminist Emergency conference, on a panel to discuss ‘Sexual Difference in the New Millennium’ with Catherine Malabou, Juliet Mitchell and Jacqueline Rose (with Amber Jacobs as chair).

2 June 2017
I have a piece in the latest issue of Strike magazine, on VALIE EXPORT’s film Syntagma (1983).

Ker Wallwork and I have curated a set of short films ‘in dialogue’ with our Approach/Withdraw (2016) for an event at the East End Film Festival on 25 June. The programme includes our film, alongside works by Katherine Araniello, Andrea Crespo, VALIE EXPORT, Marina Gržinić & Aina Šmid, Stéphane Marti, Eline McGeorge, and Lis Rhodes.

8 May 2017
Two new events: one at Goldsmiths, London, on 9 June, reading short fiction alongside Travis Alabanza, Jay Bernard, Olivia Laing, Sophie Robinson and others; the other at the Emerald Street Literary Festival on 10 June, interviewing Cosey Fanni Tutti (ex-Throbbing Gristle, COUM Tranmissions, Chris & Cosey). Please see the Events page for more information.

25 April 2017
Two new talks have been announced – a public lecture at the MAC (Belfast) on 24 May, and a short story reading/panel at London’s Raven Row gallery on 4 June. For more information, please see the Events page.

9 April 2017
I will be in conversation with Charlie Fox at Burley Fisher Books in east London on 19 April, to discuss his new book This Young Monster (Fitzcarraldo Editions). Further details and tickets here.

On 25 April, I will be in discussion with Indian filmmaker Pallavi Paul about her experimental trilogy Long Hair, Short Ideas. The event is presented in association with Carroll/Fletcher and will take place at the Close-Up Film Centre at 8pm. More information and tickets here.

I am appearing with Alison Green and So Mayer at a Little Atoms event at Waterstones Piccadilly on 29 April, as part of the Writers of the World Unite festival, to discuss The SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas. More details here.

Richard Seymour interviewed me for a feature entitled ‘None Shall Pass: Trans and the Rewriting of the Body‘ in Salvage magazine.

I was interviewed by Year 9 students at Ecolint, Geneva, about trans politics and activism.

My old sixth form, The College of Richard Collyer in Horsham, reported on my recent return to talk to the LGBT and Feminist Societies.

27 March 2017
I reviewed Hida Viloria’s memoir, Born Both: An Intersex Life, for The Washington Post.

I appeared on Novara Media on Resonance 104.4fm on Friday 3 March, discussing the media in the age of ‘fake news’ and Donald Trump with James Butler and Ash Sarkar. You can listen to that here.

I will be speaking at the London Free School of Applied Critical and Feminist Theory on 21 July. Other speakers include Emma Dabiri, Clare Hemmings, Sumi Madhok, Sophie Mayer, Rahul Rao and Celia Roberts. More information can be found here.

27 February 2017
My latest short story, ‘A Report on the i-Smile Happiness Watch’, has been published at Berfrois.

I answered a questionnaire designed by Momus for Minor Literatures.

I will be speaking at the Transgender, Gender and Psychoanalysis conference at the Freud Museum on 12 March; at Queen Mary University of London on 13 March, 6-8pm, to launch their Sexual Cultures Research Group; the Sick! festival in Brighton on 20 March; and at the International School of Geneva on 24 March. More information on the Events page.

The short film that I made with artist Ker Wallwork, entitled Approach/Withdraw, will be shown as part of the BFI Flare film festival on 18 March, in a programme with six other works. More details and tickets here.

I contributed a short piece to the booklet accompanying the British Film Institute’s DVD release of The Crying Game, commemorating the movie’s 25th anniversary. There are also essays by Ashley Clark and Brian Hoyle.

25 January 2017
Another piece at the Verso blog – this time, a short playlist to accompany Trans:  A Memoir.

16 January 2017
I wrote a short piece about cultural critic Mark Fisher, who died on Friday, which I read at the Writers Resist event. It’s up at the Verso Books blog.

14 January 2017
Two talks have been announced: a panel appearance as part of the global Writers Resist event on 15 January, and a conversation with Slovenian author Suzana Tratnik on 26 January, both in London. For more information, please see the Events page.


10 December 2016
I wrote about Trans: A Memoir for the Guardian‘s Paperback Writer series.

The Hackney Citizen interviewed me about my book.

15 November 2016
Whilst in Sydney, I recorded an interview for ABC’s Bookish videocast, which can now be found here.

My conversation with Kimberlé Crenshaw, Robert Eaglestone and Simon Glendinning about ‘Strange Affects and Collective Emotions’, held at this year’s HowTheLightGetsIn festival, can now be watched online.

I will be in conversation with music/football journalist and writer David Stubbs at Pages of Hackney on 8 December – please see the Events page for details.

7 November 2016
Further dates have been announced for the Trans: A Memoir paperback launch, at Burley Fisher Books and The Horse Hospital in London. See the Events page for further information.

You can listen to my recent conversation with Nina Power via the Verso Books podcast page.

29 October 2016
My latest text, ‘Sertraline Surrealism: After Claude Cahun’, can be found here. It was commissioned by Lydgalleriet (Bergen) as part of the Smarginature project, and additional texts by Hannah Black, Natasha Soobramanien and others will be published.

Veronica Scott Esposito and I talk about gender, technology and digital culture in the latest issue of Granta Español.

I appeared on Resonance 104.4fm’s Out in South London this week, discussing Trans: A Memoir with Rosie Wilby. The show also featured writer/comedian V. G. Lee, and a conversation between Clayton Littlewood and historian Jeffrey Weeks.

The Pigeonhole are serialising Trans: A Memoir – more details here.

20 October 2016
I am now a resident of Somerset House Studios – an ‘experimental workspace … connecting around 300 artists, makers and thinkers with audiences’. More information on the project, including a list of current residents, can be found here.

Trans: A Memoir was named as the first-ever runner-up for the Polari First Book Prize, coming second to The Good Son by Paul McVeigh.

I have a short essay on ‘How do you visualise a woman in the 21st century?’ in the catalogue for Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery. Other contributors include ANONHI, Eve Dawoud, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Paloma Faith, Chris Kraus, Linder, Zanele Muholi, Nina Power, Martha Rosler, Tai Shani, Ali Smith and Linda Stupart.

16 September 2016
The paperback version of Trans: A Memoir will be issued by Verso Books in November. I will be in conversation with Nina Power at Foyles (London) on 27 October to launch it.

My interview with the former Monaco, Parma, Juventus and Barcelona defender Lilian Thuram – one of the stars of the France team that won the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 – features in issue 22 of The Blizzard. Buy or download the magazine here.

A review of my appearance at Edinburgh Book Festival can be found here.

I was interviewed by Get Surrey about being shortlisted for the Polari First Book Prize (and being from Horley).

29 July 2016
Trans: A Memoir has been shortlisted for the Polari First Book Prize. Other shortlisted authors are Stevan Alcock (Blood Relatives), Anne Goodwin (Sugar and Snails), Jacqui Lawrence (Different for Girls), Andrew McMillan (Physical), and Paul McVeigh (The Good Son).

My article about Austrian filmmaker Gustav Deutsch is up at Frieze, covering the recent DVD release of Not Home: Picturing the Foreign.

21 July 2016
I will be appearing at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival in September. The full programme can be found here.

I am reading at Polari, the LGBT literary salon, on 28 July. The event takes place at the Southbank Centre at 7.30pm – more details here.

11 July 2016
I recommended three books (by Jenny Diski, Jean-Philippe Toussaint and Suzana Tratnik) as part of The Guardian‘s Summer Reads feature. Other authors interviewed include Julian Barnes, William Boyd, Sarah Churchwell, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Sarah Hall, Kazuo Ishiguro, Olivia Laing, David Mitchell, Andrew Motion, Max Porter, Jacqueline Rose, Elif Shafak, Lionel Shriver, Marcel Theroux, Colm Tóibín and Sarah Waters.

I am introducing Jeff Feuerzeig’s film Author: The J. T. Leroy Story (2016) at the London Review Bookshop on 29 July. For more details, please see the Events page.

5 July 2016
The latest demo track from my collaboration with Morgan King can be found online – A Farewell (Wave mix).

The Unreliable Guide to London, which features my short story ‘The Corridors of Power’ along with many other authors, is now available from Influx Press.

I am joining a panel at Café Oto on Sunday 17 July to talk about the use of sound in Andrei Tarkovsky’s films. Sponsored by The Wire and chaired by frequent contributor Frances Morgan, it also features writer Sam Davies and composer/artist Trevor Mathison. More details here.

My (print-only) review of ‘The Sprawl’, a mixed media installation by Dutch artists’ collection Metahaven staged at The Lighthouse as part of this year’s Brighton Festival, is in the latest edition of The Wire.

I contributed a few words to 3:AM‘s piece on responses to Brexit. Other writers featured include Katherine Angel, Lauren Elkin, Stuart Evers, Rachel Genn, Niven Govinden, Susana Medina, Stewart Home, Lara Pawson, Will Self, Ali Smith, Chimene Suleyman, George Szirtes, and Will Wiles.

I was also quoted in this TimeOut article about ‘Why it’s more important than ever to attend Pride this year’. Others featured include Meg-John Barker, Mhairi Black, Boy George, Owen Jones, Sadiq Khan, Ian McKellen, Amy Lamé, and Jon Snow.

A reminder that I often post art, film, literature, music and other things of interest at my Tumblr, In Search of the Miraculous.

31 May 2016
The full audio book version of Trans: A Memoir, read by Rebecca Root, is now available from

Claire Potter reviewed Trans: A Memoir for Review 31.

I appeared on the Verso Books podcast, discussing Valerie Solanas’ SCUM Manifesto with Ray Filar and So Mayer.

I will be appearing at Transpose at the Barbican on 26 November, with CN Lester, Travis Alabanza, Andra Simons and They They Theys. More details here.

I was interviewed by the East End Review before my appearance at HowTheLightGetsIn.

26 May 2016
The introduction to the Audible release of the Trans: A Memoir audiobook is available for free download from As well as the opening chapter, the package includes an interview between me and narrator Rebecca Root, and me reading my short story, A Weekend in Brighton.

Olivia Laing wrote about Trans: A Memoir, alongside books by Dodie Bellamy (When the Sick Rule the World) and Maggie Nelson (The Argonauts) for Frieze magazine. The piece was published in the January/February but is now accessible online.

I will be interviewing Austrian avant-garde filmmakers Peter Tscherkassky and Eve Heller as part of their UK retrospective. Our event is on 11 June at the Close-Up Film Centre in Shoreditch – more details here.

21 May 2016
I will discussing the English translation of Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s Football, published by Fitzcarraldo Editions, at the French Institut in London on 2 June. Also in conversation are journalist Philippe Auclair and translator Shaun Whiteside. More details here.

I was interviewed by Leah Sandals for her Canadian Art article about the Art Gallery of Ontario’s use of the private Casa Susanna photographic archive in their collection.

I also featured on episode 2 of the Good London show for Resonance 104.4fm, talking about how life in the capital could be improved.

9 May 2016
I have been added to the bill for the Stoke Newington Literary Festival, speaking with Rhyannon Styles and Thurston Moore about radical publishing and DIY culture. Please see the Events page for details.

28 April 2016
I have a piece on Ann Quin’s novel Three in the latest issue of Music & Literature. Other contributors include Scott Esposito, Oli Hazzard, Deborah Levy, Ian Patterson, Boyd Tonkin, Joanna Walsh and Kate Zambreno.

Jacqueline Rose wrote a long essay about trans memoirs for the London Review of Books, responding in part to my book.

I am appearing at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival at Hay-on-Wye on Monday 30 May, discussing individual and collective emotion with Kimberlé Crenshaw, Robert Eaglestone and chair Simon Glendinning. More details here.

I will be in conversation with Owen Hatherley about his new book, The Chaplin Machine: Slapstick, Fordism and the Communist Avant-Garde at the Cinema Museum in Kennington on Tuesday 28 June. Tickets are available here.

30 March 2016
I will speaking twice in Norwich in April, once with Deborah Levy and once to read from my memoir at UEA Live. I will also be in conversation wih Jacqueline Rose at Birkbeck in May – see the Events page for details. I will also be making a number of festival appearances over the summer, please check back for more information.

I voted in the BFI’s poll to find the greatest ever LGBT films – my choices are here.

I have a piece on Lithuanian filmmaker Deimantas Narkevičius in the forthcoming issue of Sight & Sound, as well as a short story, ‘The Corridors of Power’ in the Influx Press compendium The Unreliable Guide to London. Other contributors include Chloe Aridjis, Nikesh Shukla, Will Wiles, Sunny Singh and Aki Schilz – please see their Kickstarter for further information.

11 February 2016
I wrote a piece on Clio Barnard’s short film Dark Glass (2006) for The White Review‘s ‘White Screen’ series (in conjuction with the Film & Video Umbrella).

I reviewed the Champagne Life show at the Saatchi Gallery for Canadian Art magazine.

I contributed a piece on Xanthra MacKay and Mirha-Soleil Ross’s film Gender troublemakers (1993) to a publication in support of Patrick Staff’s show at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver.

I did an interview with Five Books about works that blur the line between autobiography and fiction. Features B. S. Johnson, Leslie Feinberg, Chris Kraus, Sheila Heti, and Zlatan Ibrahimović.

The second track, ‘Ocean Wave’, from my collaboration with Morgan King (Illustration, Clubland) can be found here.

I will be speaking at Word Power in Edinburgh on 23 February – details here.


16 December 2015
I discussed my recent book on the Little Atoms podcast with Neil Denny and Becky Hogge, broadcast today on Resonance 104.4fm.

9 December 2015
Trans: A Memoir has been included in The Guardian’s Best Politics Books of 2015 list. It has also been shortlisted for the ICA Bookshop’s Book of the Year prize.

3 December 2015
I have set up this page to make it easier for you to find my new work, which will also be posted in the relevant sections. I will also post news about upcoming Events here, as well as on their own page.

My book, Trans: A Memoir, was published by Verso in September – more information as well as links to interviews and reviews here.

I appeared on Novara Media last week to discuss the book – you can listen here.

I was voted onto the Independent on Sunday‘s Rainbow List for 2015.

I contributed to TimeOut’s list of the 50 best LGBT films – my choices can be found here.

Samira Ahmed interviewed me for the BBC website about trans representation in mainstream film, as well as talking to me about Tangerine (2015) on BBC Front Row.

In 2016, I have events lined up in Manchester on 21 January, Norwich on 23 April, and various others. More information on the Events page as they are confirmed.