Art, Architecture & Design

A Romanian Surrealist is finally feted at home (Apollo, 3 March 2023).
On the Victor Brauner retrospective at the National Art Museum in Timisoara, Romania.

Decolonial Ecologies (Art Monthly issue 464, March 2023 – print-only).
Review of the exhibition at Riga Art Space, November 2022-January 2023.

‘People Make Television’: Enter the BBC’s Archive (Frieze, 23 February 2023).
On the exhibition of the BBC’s Open Door series (1973-83) at Raven Row in London.

Beatrice Gibson’s “Dream Gossip” (e-flux, 23 February 2023).

Anne Imhof’s Deserted Locker Rooms (Frieze, 8 November 2022).

The Horror Show of Modern Britain (Art Review, 2 November 2022).
On the ‘Horror Show’ exhibition at Somerset House in London.

Manifesta 14 (Art Monthly issue 461, November 2022 – print-only).
Review of the ‘nomadic biennial’ in Pristina, Kosovo, August-October 2022.

Art Workers, Unite! (Tribune, 18 August 2022 – subscribers-only).
A review of Kuba Szreder’s book An ABC of the Projectariat.

Lou Lou Sainsbury Dreams of a More Liberated Future (Frieze, 15 August 2022).

‘The Baroness is Not a Futurist: She is the Future’: Celebrating Elsa Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven (Frieze, 20 July 2022).

We now know where all the UK’s public sculptures are – but are they any good? (Apollo, 15 July 2022).

Haunted Realism (Burlington Contemporary, 14 July 2022).
Review of a group exhibition at the Gagosian in Mayfair, London.

Sylvie Fleury: Turn Me On at the Pinocoteca Agnelli (Art Monthly no. 458, July-August 2022 – print-only).

Tremblings at the Nouveau Musée de Monaco (Art Review vol. 74, no. 5, summer 2022 – print-only).

Tate Modern’s Reimagining of International Surrealism (Frieze, 4 April 2022).

Studio Visit: Philipp Gufler (Delfina Foundation, 2 July 2021).

Eileen Agar Parodies the Surrealist Muse (Frieze, 14 June 2021).

What the 2021 Turner Prize Nominees tell us about the Politics of Art (Frieze, 12 May 2021).

Profile: Yishay Garbasz (Art Monthly no. 446, May 2021 – print-only).

Rishi Sunak’s Freudian Slip on the Arts (Tribune, 8 October 2020).

Two Picasso Murals and the Shifting Perception of Public Art (Frieze, 7 August 2020).

Marina Abramović: 512 (ARC, 31 July 2020).

How Architects Have Used Performance to Reclaim Private Space (Frieze, 5 June 2020).
Review of Performa’s online Bodybuilding exhibition.

The Locked Room: Saint Martin’s School of Art’s most controversial experiment (Frieze, 27 April 2020).

Fantastische Frauen: How Surrealist women (de)constructed gender (Schirn, 18 January 2020).

Is it still artwashing if a whole country’s doing it? (ArtReview, December 2019).
Review of the Screen City Biennial in Stavanger in October 2019.

The Arts for All (Tribune, 22 November 2019).
On the Labour Party’s arts policies in the 2019 manifesto.

Trying to Survive ‘On Venus’: Patrick Staff at the Serpentine (Frieze, 20 November 2019).

TV Personality: On Nam June Paik (ArtReview, October 2019).

Mapping a Gentrifying London: An interview with Laura Grace Ford (Frieze, 8 October 2019).

Turner Prize 2019 review (Frieze, 27 September 2019).

Men, Step Aside: the Women of Cobra (Frieze, 20 September 2019).

A Sense of Community: On Lisetta Carmi’s transgender portraits (Frieze Masters issue 8, 2019).

The Melancholy of a Gay Male Subculture That Has Passed (Frieze, 14 August 2019).
Review of the Queer Spaces exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Kiss My Genders review (Frieze, 14 June 2019).

Portals – Zadie Xa (Canadian Art, 10 June 2019).

Brexit: Into the Abyss (Arts of the Working Class issue 6, 2019).

Yevgeniy Fiks’ Unearthing of Historic Gay Languages (Frieze, 2 May 2019).

Armed and Dangerous: Film and fascism in Ukraine (Frieze, 21 March 2019).

When our neoliberal order explodes, who picks up the pieces? (Frieze, 20 March 2019).
Review of the Anatomy of Political Melancholy exhibition at the Athens Conservatoire.

The queer utopias of the late Belgian artist Sophie Podolski (Dazed, 14 February 2019).

On Queer in Space: Kollontai Commune Archive (Frieze issue 200, January/February 2019).

About Time: Christian Marclay’s The Clock Receives Its Tate Modern Premiere (Frieze, 11 September 2018).

Under the Paving Stones: Istanbul (ArtReview, April 2018 – print-only).
A report on the city’s recent art exhibitions.

Under Cover: A Secret History of Cross-Dressers (Loose Associations, 2018 – print-only).

Dispatches: London (Frieze, 5 July 2017).
A report on the city’s cultural climate around the 2017 General Election.

The Sprawl (The Wire, issue 389, July 2016 – print-only).
Review of the film by Dutch art collective Metahaven.

How do you visualise a woman in the 21st century? (Loose Associations, 2016 – print-only).

Champagne Life (Canadian Art, 27 January 2016).
Review of the exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Use BBC Four as a platform for visual artists (Open Democracy, 19 October 2015).

Translating the Self (Frieze, October 2015).
On the current wave of trans and non-binary artists.

The New Woman: Berlin’s feminist, Dadaist pioneer Hannah Höch (New Statesman, 18 January 2014).

Types of Ambiguity: On Queer Art and Culture (London Review of Books blog, 13 September 2013).

On Triangle by Sanja Iveković (New Statesman, 29 May 2013).

A Bigger Splash: Painting After Performance (New Statesman, 26 November 2012).
Review of the exhibition at Tate Modern.

Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present (New Statesman, 17 September 2012).

The ArcelorMittal Orbit: London’s Eiffel Tower? (New Statesman, 11 July 2012).

Xxxora’s Newer Gender (Guernica, 12 June 2012).

The Great English Vortex (New Statesman, 20 June 2011).
Review of the Vorticism exhibition at Tate Britain.