History & Politics

Abolish Private Schooling (TANK issue 94, spring 2023).

In Memoriam: Daphne Caruana Galizia (PEN International, 10 October 2022).

Were the 70s Really That Great? (Novara, 2 August 2022).

Looking Back on Culture for Labour (New Socialist, 16 October 2021).

Will Gentrification Be Dalston’s Demise? (Frieze, 21 September 2021).

Demand the Impossible (TANK issue 86, spring 2021).
Discussing “cancel culture” and how artists need to organise against more insidious forms of censorship.

Jeremy Corbyn: The Government Could Easily Afford to Expand Arts Funding’ (Tribune, 23 October 2020).
Extract from my Suite (212) interview with the former Labour leader.

We Knew: Lockdown in Horley, part II (Suite (212), 31 July 2020).

Things Fall Apart: Lockdown in Horley, part I (Suite (212), 31 July 2020).

How Corbyn Unmasked Comedy (Red Pepper, 31 July 2020).

The Digital Classroom and the Digital Studio (Harun Farocki Institute, 26 June 2020).

Marx at the Ecosexual Workshop (Tribune issue 7, spring 2020).
A review of Paul B. Preciado’s anthology of newspaper columns, An Apartment on Uranus.

In the Intense Now (Repeater Books blog, 26 May 2020).
An account of the 2019 General Election.

Aphorisms on Self-Care (Arts of the Working Class issue 9 – print-only).

The World Transformed 2019 (Frieze, 2 October 2019).

Questions for Centrists (New Socialist, 5 March 2019).

Mario Mieli’s Gay Communism (Tribune issue 3, October/November 2018).

Questions for the organisers of the People’s Vote campaign (New Socialist, 24 October 2018).

Reminiscences of a Journey to Israel/Palestine (Swimmers issue 8, September 2017 – print-only).

For the first time in my life, I don’t feel like things can only get worse‘ (Repeater Books blog, 12 June 2017).
Reflections on the 2017 General Election.

Goodbye to the NHS: A personal story of a public service (New Statesman, 16 September 2014).

Returning to the Commune of Paris (New Statesman, 13 November 2012).
Review of Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray’s History of the Commune of Paris of 1871.