Recordings of talks and events. The archive for Suite (212), which I host on Resonance 104.4fm, can be found here. The programme is funded by subscribers – our Patreon is here.


The Duffield-Chiles Complex
On the Trashfuture podcast, discussing transphobia in British politics and media (20 August 2020 – subscribers only).

ARTiculate: Juliet Jacques
In conversation with Divya Sharma about my writing and filmmaking practice, teaching, and the state of trans rights in the UK.

What’s Wrong with Adults These Days?
Talking about austerity and precarity, the Labour Party and the 2019 General Election, generational divides in UK politics and the struggle for trans rights, with Max Haiven and Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou (12 July 2020).

Why Does Everyone Call Me Carlos?
Discussing names, identity and prejudice with Santos. Part of VENT Documentaries’ collaboration with Brent2020 (11 May 2020).

Juliet Jacques Reads Two Short Stories
Reading ‘I’m too sad to tell you about I’m Too Sad to Tell You’ (2008) and ‘Sertraline Surrealism’ (2016) for Resonance 104.4fm’s 18th birthday celebrations (1 May 2020).

Reel Politik: Eternal War (episode 141)
Discussing the 2019 General Election, its aftermath and what the British left might do next. Extra material can be found via Reel Politik’s Patreon page (27 February 2020).

Trans-Forming Media
Interview with Dan Hind and Tom Mills for the Media Democracy podcast, discussing how the UK media has treated trans and non-binary people during the 2010s. The first part is linked above; the second is here (17/20 February 2020).

Conversation on the topic of ‘opacity’, curated by artist Lara Favaretto, with David Eckersley and Frank Leibovici, recorded at Nottingham Contemporary in November 2017 (10 February 2020).

Bad Gays
Reflections on the life of proto-trans man Colonel Victor Barker on a special edition of the podcast with Huw Lemmey (25 December 2019).

Bow Down
Discussing French writer/artist Claude Cahun with former Frieze editor Jennifer Higgie (26 November 2019).

Against Memoir
In conversation with US author Michelle Tea about her new book, Against Memoir, at the London Review Bookshop (8 October 2019).

Juliet Jacques on Montez Press Radio
Discussing my short story ‘The Woman in the Portrait’ (2014) and my short film You Will Be Free (2017) and my writing and filmmaking practice (23 August 2019).

A Fulfilment-Driven Life
Guest appearance on the Trashfuture podcast, discussing Amazon’s working practices and terrible journalism (subscribers only) (2 August 2019).

Red Hacks: Juliet Jacques on punditry, pigeonholing and transphobia
In conversation with Joana Ramiro about my journalistic career, hosted by Politics Theory Other (11 June 2019).

Podcasts: A tool for political change?
Panel that I chaired at the Media Democracy festival about podcasting as an alternative to mainstream media, with Jack Frayne-Reid (Reel Politik), Riley Quinn (Trashfuture) and James Shield (New Economics Foundation) (16 March 2019).

Sea Monsters: Chloe Aridjis and Juliet Jacques
In conversation with Chloe Aridjis about her new novel Sea Monsters at the London Review Bookshop (7 February 2019).

The Comma Press podcast: Never Going Underground
Discussing the short story I wrote for Comma’s Protest anthology about the Manchester protest against Clause/Section 28 in February 1988. With Ra Page, Em Temple-Malt and Louise Wallwein (25 January 2019).

Reel Politik: Gone Legit at TWT (episode 69)
Discussing The World Transformed festival in Liverpool with Jack Frayne-Reid. Also features George Eaton and Stephen Smith (28 September 2018).

Reel Politik: Burden of Memes (episode 66)
In conversation with writer/director Jack Frayne-Reid and leading actor Tom Foster about the original radio play Tim Peaks: Farron Walk with Me (26 August 2018).

Reel Politik (episodes 55 & 56)
Podcast appearance with hosts Jack Frayne-Reid and Laura Jolyon Tidd and fellow guest Huw Lemmey, discussing problems with liberal journalism (13 & 20 February 2018).

The Unmapped Country
In conversation with Jennifer Hodgson and Deborah Levy about British author Ann Quin (1936-1973) at the London Review Bookshop (18 January 2018).

Sexual Difference in the New Millennium
Panel discussion with Catherine Malabou, Juliet Mitchell and Jacqueline Rose, chaired by Amber Jacobs (24 June 2017).

Fake News? Media and Strategy after Trump
Talking about the mainstream media, and alternatives to it, on Novara FM with James Butler and Ash Sarkar (3 March 2017).

In conversation with Nina Power
Discussing Trans: A Memoir, recorded for the Verso Books podcast (27 October 2016).

SCUM Manifesto Revisited
Looking at Valerie Solanas’ incendiary work on the Verso Books podcast, with Ray Filar and So Mayer (31 May 2016).

Little Atoms
Discussing my book with Neil Denny and Becky Hogge (16 December 2015).

Novara FM – Trans: A Memoir
Talking about my book, ‘confessional’ writing, structures of journalism and more with James Butler and Ash Sarkar (27 November 2015).

BBC Front Row
Discussing Sean Baker’s film Tangerine (2015) with Samira Ahmed. Also featuring Umberto Eco, Adam Smith and Roger Waters (10 November 2015).

The Art of Criticism
In conversation with Lauren Elkin about Trans: A Memoir, recorded for the Shakespeare & Co. podcast (14 October 2015).

Trans: A Memoir
Talking to Chloe Aridjis about the line(s) between memoir and fiction, and ‘confessional’ writing at the London Review Bookshop (29 September 2015).

New Statesman podcast 57
Talking about the 2014-15 football season (15 August 2014).

New Statesman podcast 55
On feuds in football (25 July 2014).

New Statesman podcast 54
On the 2014 World Cup (17 July 2014).

The Anfield Wrap: Make us dream
Podcast appearance ahead of Norwich City’s Premier League match against Liverpool (18 April 2014).

CAR 14: Trapped
A discussion of the idea of being “trapped in the wrong body” with Naomi Pearce. Also features Hanne Lippard and Horrible GIF. Podcast produced by the Royal College of Art (25 February 2014).

Future Imperfect: LGBT History Month
Special edition of Novara FM, in conversation with James Butler and Huw Lemmey (Resonance 104.4fm, February 2014).

A Transgender Journey
Lecture at University College London (20 February 2012).

Out in South London
In conversation with Rosie Wilby on Resonance 104.4fm (14 February 2012).

The Pod Delusion: Thinking critically about trans issues
Talk at Westminster Skeptics (3 October 2011).

Just Plain Sense: Trans people and the media
Podcast with trans activist Christine Burns (December 2010).


A Transgender Journey: Ten years of trans people and the British media
Discussing my Transgender Journey series for The Guardian, ten years after it began, and the relationship between trans and non-binary people and the British media, with CN Lester. Hosted by Studio Voltaire and the Media Democracy Festival (17 June 2020).

Incompetence UNMASKED
Appearing on Novara Media’s Tysky Sour programme to discuss the last ten years of relations between British trans people and the media (5 June 2020).

I’m too sad to tell you about I’m Too Sad to Tell You
Reading my 2008 short story about Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader for Comma Press (6 April 2020).

Val McDermid’s amazing list of 10 LGBTQI+ writers
In conversation with Val McDermid, Kirsty Logan and Mary Paulson-Ellis about LGBTQI+ literature at the Edinburgh Book Festival (2 August 2019).

Subject to AUTO-
Panel conversation at the Royal College of Art’s AUTO- conference, discussing subjectivity with writers Mira Mattar, Rosanna McLaughlin and Maija Timonen (24 May 2019).

Mother Tongue panel discussion
Discussion about homosexuality and language in the Soviet Union with Yevgeniy Fiks, Professor Dan Healey and Sarah Wilson, at Pushkin House in London (21 March 2019).

A Wo/Man of No Importance
Reading a short story (in the appropriate period costume) at Studio Voltaire in London (17 November 2018).

Fiction, memoir, performance
Highlights from my event with Manuela Pacella and Daniele Cassandro at AlbumArte in Rome (26 April 2018).

After Kathy Acker: In Conversation with Chris Kraus
Recording of our conversation at the London Review Bookshop (25 September 2017).

The Woman in the Portrait
Reading my short story from 2014, with a Q&A at the Transgender and Psychoanalysis conference held by the SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (12 March 2017).

ABC’s literature videocast (14 November 2016).

Strange Affects and Collective Emotions
In conversation with Kimberlé Crenshaw, Robert Eaglestone and Simon Glendinning (May 2016).

An Evening with Deborah Levy
Discussing Levy’s novel Hot Milk and other work at the University of East Anglia’s Literary Festival (20 April 2016).

Before and After – Transformation Marathon
Talk at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery (17 October 2015).

Art Talk – Flash Marathon
In conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Etel Adnan, and Gilbert & George (Google Cultural Institute, London, 16 October 2015).

Binary Static panel
On cyberfeminism, gender identity, race and art with Evan Ifekoya and Raju Rage (SPACE/The White Building, Hackney Wick, 3 February 2015).

LGBTQI panel discussion
At the PEN International Congress in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, with Marion Botsford Fraser, Masha Gessen and Syinat Sultanalieva (27 September 2014).

A Transgender Journey
Lecture at Klub MaMa, Zagreb (March 2014).

Anti-Capitalist Initiative: Radical Voices
Discussing trans politics and confessional journalism (11 April 2013).